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21 holidays packages to explore

From the lights of Paris to the relaxing countryside, France is one of the most alluring countries in the world. 

Tempting cuisine such as sauces, cheeses, bread, and pastries wait inside charming cafés. French families indulge in joyous, long meals with families drawn close together for conversation. 

Many villages retain surprisingly their historic architecture, gorgeous views and quiet pace of life. 

Paris is so shining that sometimes overshadow the other beautiful regions.

Brittany and Normandy feel like a distinct region, with a jagged coastline of wide bays and granite cliffs. Pays-de la Loire offers is spectacular with lush and amazing scenery, including the dramatic Atlantic coast with its delightful beaches

The Rhone-Alpes is home to the French Alps and offers dazzling resorts available throughout the year. Burgundy is a paradise for those who love wine as well as delectable food. The Central Loire Valley is famous for its castles, the magnificent gardens, and quiet lakes.

In the eastern region of France, you will find the areas that border Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg. The Franche-Comte is here, characterized by an amazing landscape of woods and rivers. 

The south offers a completely different atmosphere with the buzzing Cote Azur and the quiet and amazing Provence
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3 Nights/4 Days From: US$ 613

Alsatian Escapade

8 Nights/9 Days From: US$ 4500

Best of Provence Tour

6 Nights/7 Days From: US$ 5500

Bordeaux & the Loire Valley

3 Nights/4 Days From: US$ 663

Bordeaux Escapade

10 Nights/11 Days From: US$ 5500

Bordeaux Grands Crus & Essential Dordogne

6 Nights/7 Days From: US$ 1375

Burgundy & Alsace

5 Nights/6 Days From: US$ 1472

Champagne & Burgundy

2 Nights/3 Days From: US$ 875

Champagne Escapade from Paris

6 Nights/7 Days From: US$ 1750

Magnificent journey to Normandy

8 Nights/9 Days From: US$ 2500

Magnificent Journey to Normandy & Brittany

8 Nights/9 Days From: US$ 5500

Maisons de Champagne & Burgundy

6 Nights/7 Days From: US$ 1663

Paris & French Regions