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Think of incredible landscapes and beaches, of exquisite cuisine and vibrant history, of phenomenal museums and impressive architecture. 

You are probably thinking of Spain.

Spain may be renowned for its beaches and sunny climes, but it is a country of diverse landscapes: the majestic mountains in the northern Pyrenees and the Sierra Nevada in the south, the Mount Teide volcano on the Canary Island of Tenerife, the desert of Cabo de Gata in Almería make Spanish landscape so various.

Spain’s has a fascinating history that is well-preserved in its churches and mosques, castles, fortresses and museums. 

The character of the Spaniards is manifest in the many fiestas, from La Tomatina tomato-throwing festival in Buñol, to La Rioja’s annual wine drenching festival, to the San Fermín running of the bulls in Pamplona

Do not forget the Flamenco, not only a style of dance, that combine singing and guitar playing but a rich cultural tradition closely linked with Spain’s Romani gypsy community. Lately, the country has a new great reason for a visit: soccer.

Spain is home to two of the world’s best teams: Real Madrid and FC Barcelona
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