10 amazing restaurants in Madrid

The Spanish capital is a pure gastro heaven, with an array of amazing restaurants serving culinary delights that go well beyond the ever-popular paella. Here are 10 places for a taste of Madrid, from haute cuisine dishes to gourmet tapas: DiverXO   D...

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A guide to the best food in Barcelona

Local gastronomy in Barcelona is as impressive as the architecture of the town’s most iconic buildings, with historic tapas bars, colorful markets and inventive restaurants winning international recognition.  This guide provides an introduction to the best f...

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10 beautiful places to visit in the Basque Country

Occupying the stretch of coast between northern Spain and southern France, the Basque Country is an autonomous region that welcomes visitors with charming villages, a gorgeous coastline and unspoiled nature. What’s more, the Basque community has a strong cultu...

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