Bordeaux Grands Crus & Essential Dordogne

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Accommodation: Signature hotels & Noble Castles
Availability: March To November
Bordeaux Grands Crus & Essential Dordogne
Some 1,810 hectares of Bordeaux are listed a UNESCO World Heritage site. The city is the perfect place to start a 10-day trip, discover- ing the Aquitaine (Occitane) region and the town of Cognac and begin the ultimate experience for wine lovers. This is home to Bordeaux but we’ll head to the smaller hamlets as well, taste the mouth-watering cuisine and the mind-blowing local cheeses, meet the winemakers and after few glasses of the most famous wines in the world, dive deep into its wine culture. The whole region is filled with thousands of castles, providing the best setting for your exploration of the French wine country and allowing you to catch the authentic heart of France.

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