Venetian Inland & Emilia Romagna’s Towns along the Po River

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Availability: March To December
Venetian Inland & Emilia Romagna’s Towns along the Po River
This winding journey along northern Italy's River Po ending in Venetian Inland reveals quiet countryside, astonishing architecture and beautiful Renaissance towns.
A tricky old stream is the Po, eternally shifting its moods and colours, in some places almost disappearing, in others a true lord over the landscape.
Visit Pavia, with her exceptional Renaissance Charterhouse just outside the town architecture in Italy; Cremona, home of Stradivari; Parma, one of the prettiest town in Italy, famous for the excellent food, for the Opera and the rich artistic heritage; Mantua, known as La Bella Addormentata, a sleeping beauty that hasn't changed since the middle ages, Verona, The most romantic of Italian cities offers more than just Juliet’s famous balcony; Ferrara, run for centuries by the d'Este clan, who made of the city the most sophisticated Renaissance town.

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  • 2 nights in Treviso
  • 2 nights in Bologna
  • 2 nights in Verona
  • Transportation
  • Gourmet Dinner in Bologna
  • Guided visit of Bologna, Mantova, Verona, Ferrara, Vicenza