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Puglia Next Big Thing: 5 Places tried for you

Puglia is the easternmost region of Italy and it is also known as “the heel” of the Italian boot. The coastline stretches out for 800 km towards the Adriatic and the landscape here switches to an essentially Mediterranean scenery.
Puglia presents an enchanting scenario from Andria to Bari, passing by Brindisi till Lecce and these are just a few of the “must-see” places along the region.

Here 5 best places where to sleep in Puglia: unique atmosphere, beautiful landscapes, tradition, relax and more: 

Don Ferrante *****

Monopoli (Bari)
Don Ferrante has been defined as a boutique hotel and it is located in the old town of Monopoli. During the past, it was an ancient fortress on the reef that now welcomes the guests taking care of them from the first light of the morning till the enchanting sunset on the see.  Comfort and beauty are keywords for this extraordinary place. The view of the Mediterranean is stunning and the Dimora and Suites are extremely well furnished and elegant.
Suggested for Romance Getaway.


Don Ferrante


Villa San Martino *****

Martina Franca (Taranto)
A place plunged in tranquillity and surrounded by trees and countryside; all the ancient scents of Apulia live in this charming residence which has been equipped with every comfort. 
Villa San Martina was built on the ruins of an old Masseria of the 19th century and now it offers to you the chance to spend your charming and unforgettable holidays.
Suggested for Relaxing vacation, Food Enthusiast and Bike Lovers. 


Villa San Martino


Il Palazzotto Luxury Sites

Located in the city heart and recently renovated in every single detail, Il Palazzotto represents a unique and elegant location with 10 suites on 3 floors with the crystal lift, the solarium and the wonderful view on the city’s roofs.
This wonderful slice of heaven is an ideal place for your holidays in a wonderful urban context. Calm atmosphere and privacy are guaranteed. 
Suggested for Romantic Moments, Food Enthusiast, Cultural Escapade.


Il Palazzotto Luxury Sites


Palazzo Ducale Venturi *****

Minervino di Lecce
Palazzo Ducale Venturi was built in 1500 and it was called ‘Castello Nuovo’; it is a sixteenth-century structure, which can be considered as a true fortress house. Distributed on two floors, the palace has been completely renovated and today the noble summerhouse is available for those who wish to dream in a fascinating place that can offer peace and beauty in the heart of the small village of Minervino, between majestic olive trees and lush vineyards.
Suggested for Romantic Moments, Food Enthusiast, Relax, Family Reunion, Wedding Parties.


Palazzo Ducale Venturi

La Sommità Relais *****

Located in the “White Ostuni” the Relais “La Sommità” is a 16th-century residence, which represents a jewel of the so-called "White Ostuni". 
In this elegant relais, guests can rediscover the five senses: ornaments give the emotion of touch, fragrances and music sweetly affect the sense of smell and hearing whilst lights and flavours arouse sight and taste.
Suggested for Food Enthusiast, Active Vacation, Wedding Parties.


La Sommità Relais